Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miley Cyrus Pictures

Article I found on her tattoos:

Miley Cyrus has drawn criticism in the past for getting camera happy at inopportune times, but her recent Twitter photo shows that the 18-year-old star has mastered the line between sexy and scandalous.

The photo, purportedly snapped to show off Cyrus' "piggy tails," shows off a whole lot more -- namely a close-up shot of the dream catcher tattoo the singer had inked on her ribs earlier this year.

The dream catcher, which is the fifth tattoo for Cyrus, has four feathers hanging from it, each of which reportedly represents one of her siblings.

"The dream catcher is to protect them," says a friend of the star.

Written by Sarah Crow, from popeater.com.


  1. is she a singer or something?

  2. She's nothing compared to Swift!

  3. You'll Never Be Compared To Either One.